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daww, look at the little bastard ...

Gladitus is the child of Yume and Spirit. He appears as a 5 year old child, with blonde hair and yellow eyes like his mother, and spiky hair like his father. Although he was born recently, his physical apperiance and well as his mental state of mind, are much more mature. This is because he is a full blooded God, and can mature much faster than human infants.


Gladitus is outgoing, fearless, and energetic; the average happy-go-lucky boy. He is generally good spirited and kind hearted, but can get angered easily. Like his mother, he is also bipolar, and when he gets annoyed or aggravated, he will lash out and his personality becomes more like his father's.


Gladius has immense strength, and can lift anything with extreme ease. He can also PUCH a hole in the ground, which would result in an earthquake all around the world. He is also incredibly fast, as he could run around the earth in 10 seconds flat. Gladitus is also capable of flight.

Gladitus rarely uses his God like powers, instead preferring to go into combat using a sword (hence his name. He is skilled in the art of sword play, and can even defeat someone using a gun, Gladitus also is a talented archer, being able to hit an arrow, then split that arrow without even looking.

His only weakness is that he's not the brightest knife in the crayon box. He is very empty headed and will occasionally do things without thinking.



"But..he made mommy cry!" (referring to Jackie)

"Go ahead, kill it! I don't care anymore!"

"The puppies tickle inside me!"

"Daddy says you're kind is evil. I don't think that since you saved mommy..." (talking to Fukai)

"When will mommy wake up?"


  • His imagined voice actor would be Lawrence Simpson (Aka MasakoX, who voices Goku and Gohan in DBZ abridged and Sauske in Naruto abridged)
  • Gladitus can bring upon the end of the world if he wanted (or knew how) to.
  • His favorite food is whatever he can find and kill (that does include dogs)
    • Although he refuses to hurt cats.
  • When angered, his eyes glow a ominous purple
  • Sometimes, he will eat a puppy whole and alive.
    • However; this is only because he enjoys the tickling sensation. He does not intend to hurt the puppy.
  • He thinks that Takumi is a cat, due to his horns and tail.