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JR is a fallen angel who eventually became the king of darkness in the realm of the dark between heaven and hell. though he is a fallen angel, it is stated that he was still a follower of god despite his personality's and actions. JR has a part-ways black hair, smooth skin, and often times wearing diffrent varity of clotheing. JR is also one of the main characters in ORIGINS while in PROMISE he's a surporting characterfor chiyo and her friends


jr was born as an angel and was achiveing great things ever since he was a teenager. he dedicated his abilitys towerds god and to his comrades. then one day he accidently killed and angel thus haveing he cast down to hell. however as fate would have it he manages to land on the realm of dark besides hell, although when he does reach to the realm he transformed into a fallen angel and his weapons and powers turned to darkness, makeing any holy powers hurt him. now skiping ahead from him meeting other characters from ORIGINS and what he belives to the important parts, he then joins the kestävä in hopes to over throw tutakion and make the realm of dark and the areas around it. He eventually succeds and through the trials, became the new king of darkness. Soon after he achived the title he meets with chiyo and the duo begins thier advanture.


JR is said to be a joker of a some sort, bearly does take anything seriously sometimes. he is also sarcastice and a simpletion, yet he is also very kind and loyal, enspacilly when it comes to chiyo. Hes normally is kind and loveing to everyone he meets, but he does have a murdious temptation whenever any of his friends are hurt, or that it is personal, it is very unlikely that person would have a single cell left.


JR is a mixed kind of fighter, however he perfers to go up close and personal with a dark long sword with an 5ft hilt and a 30 ft blade (used to be a masume with 3ft hilt and 60ft blade but then changed). JR also have the ablitys to use darkness and the ancient dark powers to attack his foes with and to surport his allies. with the conclusion of the dark powers, he also carrys his crown around just incase of emergancy, he would but his crown and his whole body would be tranformed into an ancient dark armor and all his skills would skyrocket. Lastly JR, though fallen, still can use holy powers, but they do hurt him whenever he used any of it. He does have the ability to go all out angel on his oppenent which is his strongest form, however it would cost him his life.