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Scuta is the daughter of Yume and Spirit and the younger sister of Gladitus. Scuta appears as a infant child with blackish hair and yellow eyes, and she tends to speak only a few words like "dada", "Glady", "uh-huh", and so forth.

Like her brother, she is a full blooded deity.


Scuta more or less resembles her father in appearance. She has dark hair and tanned skin. Her hair has a blue streak in the middle of it, as result of Luna.

She is expected to have a figure like her mothers when she gets older; perfect thighs, perfect ass, perfect hips, and her bra size would be DD.


Scuta is fun loving and sweet, much like how her mother is. She gets along well with anyone she comes into contact with. Interstingly, she tends to have a dirty side that she's not afraid to expose. Scuta is very sneaky, and is a fast learner (according to Raku)

Her perverted personality is most likely a result from Luna possesing her while in the womb. Unlike Luna however, Scuta has her boundaries and knows when to stop.


Her abilities are unknown as of now, but it is certain that she posseses unimaginable god powers like her mother and father.


  • Scuta lost her virginity to Raku as an infant
  • Scuta is a daddy's girl, as she prefers the company of her father
  • Scuta's favorite beverage is milk, due to the fact it saved her from Luna as a newborn.