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The Commander of the Sun...pretty sane, huh?

Solis is the "Commander of the Sun" and the older brother of Luna Solis is a rather important supporting character, as he was the one who raised the beautiful Yume and taught her everything there was to know.


Solis has long light colored hair and dazzling dark blue eyes that match his fair skin tone. Solis usually wears a long robe with some under armor under it for protection. On casual days, he wears a white tunic with some cotton pants and leather brown boots.

While he's possesed by Luna, his hair turns a greenish color and his eyes go completely black while he wears his casual outfit (save the tunic, as Luna forbids him to cover his chest)


Solis is very stern, strict, and believes that everything must be taken seriously in the world. (Basically, he's the EXACT opposite of his sister) He never fools around, and is always found in the Goddess Sanctuary, praying to his beloved Goddessess.


Solis' powers revolve around the sun. He doesn't seem to use his powers for combat though, so it's unknown what effect the sun has in battle. Solis is also known to have created a strange and rare energy called Irakih, which he made in order to permanently kill his sister.


  • Solis was originally designed and created before Luna, and was supposed to be completely evil. As Luna's character developed, Solis' character changed.
  • Solis' imagined voice actor would be Jeremy Irons (who's best known as Scar from the Lion King)
  • Solis isthe sole reason behind Yume's upbringing, as he taught her to be kind, loving and forgiving.
  • Strangely, Solis tends to be picky about fashion.
    • Infact, he's the one who designed Yume's and Katsu's outfits. (you can thank him later)
  • When Solis is excited, he speaks with a lisp